Cvetelina Gecheva, 2016

About me

Ms. TSVETELINA GECHEVA graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of National and World Economy in 2002. In 2005, after a four-year course of study at the same university, she successfully defended her thesis on the subject of European Economic Integration.

1999 – 2008г.

Between 1999, when she was still a student, and 2008, she worked for one of the biggest law offices in Bulgaria – Penkov, Markov and Partners, which provides corporate clients with services in the fields of commercial, corporate, competition and notarial law.


In 2008, at the age of 30, after successfully passing the required examinations, she became a notary – one of the youngest in Bulgaria.

In her nine years of work as a notary, she has worked predominantly with corporate clients, civil engineering companies and banks. In addition to notary certificates, the office also draws up all kinds of agreements and documents required by clients. The staff at the office renders all necessary assistance to clients to properly register all documents subject to entry and registration with the Sofia Office of the Registry Agency. For the convenience of clients, the office also assists in the issuance of encumbrance certificates. The office has a special employee in charge of serving letters before action.

Within just a year, Ms. Gecheva wrote four articles for Your Business Magazine, including: ‘First steps and required documents to build a photovoltaic installation onto a roof structure’, ‘Special cases of serving a letter before action’, ‘In-kind contributions to companies’ capital’, and ‘Who is the owner of a building illegally built on another’s land?’.


In 2013 Ms. Tsvetelina Gecheva was featured in Forbes Woman, and also became a member of the club established at that time.

Interviews with, and advice by, Ms. Gecheva have been published in the magazines Forbes, Amica and Your Business.


In December 2014 she was awarded as Notary of the Year by the lawyers in Bulgaria.